Avira Internet Security 2012 Free Activation Key Code for 6 Months (Avira Promotion)

Avira Internet Security 2012 offers more comprehensive protection than Avira Free Antivirus and Antivirus Premium 2012. Avira Internet Security 2012 delivers a strong protection agains worms, trojans, viruses, phishing, and the likes while you’re being connected to the internet. It also includes a firewall to defend you more against external attacks. It has spam blocking and backup feature as well. Avira Internet Security 2012 was known as Avira Antivir Premium Security. Probably the name is changed to give the software a stronger impression.

Avira Internet Security 2012 brings in some nice improvements. For example, the installation of the program now becomes much easier and faster. The “Fix Error” button offers the quickest way to solve any detected problem. All components have been hardened in order to resist against targeted malware attacks which are more and more aggressive these days. This includes, but it is not limited to, ability to function without many registry keys, better protection against process termination and component deletion and many others. What’s more, the Firewall, and the Mail and Web protection components are able to work now in a pure IPv6 environment.

Key Features of Avira Internet Security 2012 :

Avira Internet Security 2012 offers a large number of protection features. Spam blocking to fight against spammers, antibot to block any attempt to hijack your computer, antiphishing to keep you safe from identity theft, antispyware to get rid of annoying popups and the likes, deep rootkit detection, and more. It is also armed with firewall to provide an extra layer of defense, the so-called AHeAD technology to detect unfamiliar code for suspicious signs, web protection to prevent you from visiting harmful websites, mail protection to prevent you from opening infected emails and antidrive-by stops unwanted software download.

The repair function within Avira Internet Security 2012 offers an instant removal of all detected viruses simply with one click, generic repair tool fixes the problems it detects automatically, backup system that allows you to have a copy of your original data, and rescue system that lets you restart your computer in emergency situations.

Additional features of Avira Internet Security 2012 includes Live Support that provides a real-time help from Avira specialist when you encounter a problem, game mode so that you can play or watch full-screen games or movies without interrupted by alerts from Avira, and child protection to control how your children surf the internet. Moreover, the program is also designed to be able to run fast even on low memory laptops and netbooks.

Avira Internet Security 2012 free activation key code for 6 months

The price of a single one-year license of Avira Internet Security 2012 is $32.99. If you want to try it to find out if you like it, then you can download the trial version. Normally, just like other commercial software, the trial valids for one month only, but with the recent promotion from Avira, you can extend it up to 6 months (184 days).

Follow the given steps below to get your free activation key

1. Visit the promo page (update: unfortunately, this promo has ended). Spend a few seconds to complete the form and click the “request license now” button once you’re done.

avira promotion

2. Click on “License Overview” to go to your Avira account.

avira campaign

3. You can download your Avira Internet Security 2012 license from within your Avira account. The license is also sent to your email address.

That’s it. You can now download the installer from the provided download link and use the activation code to activate the full version of Avira Internet Security 2012.

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    Sorry, this giveaway has ended. You have to wait another promo to get its license for free

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