Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 Activation Code for 6 Months

Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 is another product offered by Panda for users that needs reliable protection against online threats. We’ve shared previously a promotion that lets you get a free activation code for Panda Internet Security 2012. If you’ve read the post and visit the giveaway page you should’ve known already that the promo allows you to get Panda Antivirus 2012 serial key as well. The license also valids for 6 months usage.

How to grab Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 activation code

Go ahead to the promotion page where you can instantly download the installer and copy paste the serial key. The free code is located immediately below the green download button, the one that says “descargar gratis”. The insertion of the license to activate the program is easy, so you won’t find any problem with it.

free panda products giveaway

How to activate Panda Antivirus Pro 2012

Note that I use Panda Internet Security 2012 to explain the activation process since I choose to install this version instead of Panda Antivirus. Both programs come from the same developer so the activation process should be the same.

  • Install the program and launch it afterwards. A window will be displayed asking if you want to try it free for 30 days or activate the full version. Choose the second option for activation. Paste the code that you’ve pasted from the giveaway page and click the Next button.

    full version activation

  • At the next window you will have to enter a valid email address that will be used as a part of the program’s activation.

    send email for registration

  • Note: make sure that you tick the sentence that says “I don’t want to receive marketing information”. Do this if you don’t want any promotional stuff sent to your email by Panda.
  • Click the Next button and let the program contacts the server to validate your license. If it is successfull, the notification window will appear (see screenshot below)

    panda internet security notification

Note: You will get your client number and another activation code from the developer within your inbox. I’m not sure what you should do with the additional license code, though. If you’re wondering if you’ve already entered a valid license, open the main window of the program and check the license period at the middle panel.


The features of the program include personal firewall, virtual keyboard, panda safecd, home network manager, panda usb vaccine, panda safe browser, sos virus and multimedia/gaming mode. There are some features of Panda Internet Security that you won’t find in this program yet it should be sufficient for your protection. In case you’re curious about the missing features, they include parental control, anti spam, online backup and remote access.

If you want Panda Internet Security 2012 to get a more complete protection features, you can choose to download the program instead from the giveaway page. You will find the license for the internet security version on the page as well since they’re both are being promoted together. Since you will normally have to buy this software for US $40.99 per license, you should never miss out an opportunity like this to grab the genuine activation code for free.

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