Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter to Convert Yahoo Messenger Archive Files

Needs to convert your Yahoo Messenger Archive? Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter is an application that does exactly that. This converter converts Yahoo Messenger archive files from one user to another user. The usage is pretty easy.

Features of Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter:

  • Files are renamed automatically with new user name. But if you don’t want to make any change to the original filename, you can check the corresponding box to prevent the automatic renaming.
  • Batch conversion is supported.
  • The application can extract the current archive user name from the filename. It is an useful ability to have when you want to convert files from different users.
  • Users can be swapped, so receiver will become sender in the new archive and viceversa.
  • Decodes archive file from one user, and encodes it with a new user name.

Download Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter to convert Yahoo Messenger archive files

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